Auto Detailing in 48047

The process begins with a thorough hand car wash. The vehicle is then examined using a special light to identify any micro scratches in the paint (impurities in the paint are identified at this time). Once the inspection is complete, the process of eliminating the problem and restoring the vehicle's showroom shine begins.

First, the entire vehicle is treated with a clay bar to remove any impurities that have been identified. This is followed by the first application of a three-step buff process: (1) a compound is used to remove scratches from the vehicles clear coat; (2) a polish is applied to eliminate the swirl marks left behind from the compound used in the first step, restoring the vehicle's showroom glow; (3) lastly, a carnauba paste wax is applied to give the vehicle a protective seal, ensuring the same shine after every subsequent car wash.

The interior of the vehicle is then thoroughly cleaned using only the correct materials for that vehicle's interior type. Carpets and all surfaces are steam cleaned and, in some instances when tough stains are present, a carpet extractor is used to remove stubborn stains. All vents and crevices are blown clean with compressed air. Any odor in the vehicle is removed. Leather is conditioned and treated using high quality leather conditioning products. The engine is degreased and steam cleaned. All aluminum and chrome is polished using top quality products. No surface of the vehicle is left untouched. The vehicle is restored to a like-new state.

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